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Frozen ready-to-eat meals from ITC
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Date of posting: 20-08-08
      ITC Foods has announced plans to bring its frozen foods to the domestic market within the next six to eight months. The frozen foods including meals packaged in trays and snacks would be marketed under the Kitchen of India brand.

      ITC recently began exporting frozen vegetarian foods to markets such as the US and Canada, after the products had been launched during the last anuga fair in Germany. As exporting non-vegetarian foods out of India is restricted, the company has to limit itself to vegetarian food only.

      The frozen foods range is produced at the company’s Bangalore facility, which will be used for production for the domestic market as well, ITC Foods CEO Ravi Naware has informed.

      Unlike Western markets, the frozen foods segment is still small in India, estimated at only about Rs 25-30 crore according to various sources. Various factors like the lack of refrigerated supply chains and missing frozen display cases on the retail front seem to be the main reasons for that.

      Frozen foods are regarded as healthier by many people compared to dry ready-to eat meals, as preservatives and other special ingredients are not needed and mostly not used.

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