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Beer production growing in Asia - driving technology
Date of posting: 13-11-10
      If the British market researchers at Canadean are right, the gap between Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe will open up again this year. They assume that the recession in Western Europe will be deeper than in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where it will only lead to a temporary drop in sales. Beverage sales in Central and Eastern Europe are to increase again this year and appreciably pick up speed in 2011.

      For beer sales in these markets, Canadean forecasts growth of 0.1% for 2010 and a further 1.6% for 2011. World beer production in 2009 was almost steady at 1.8 billion hl. For the first time since 1992, worldwide beer production has not continued to increase, but dropped slightly by 10 million hl. Almost all Western industrial countries recorded a drop. The “winners” live in Asia, which achieved more than 3% growth. China raised its production to almost 424 million hl and thus remains the undisputed number 1 among the brewing nations, followed by the USA (230), Russia (108), Brazil (107) and Germany (100).

      Technology providers - from machinery to bottle closures (see photo) - will have their chances in the markets.

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