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Bosch Packaging opens New Plant in Goa
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Date of posting: 23-01-08
      Bosch Packaging Technology, the packaging machinery division of the global player Bosch which is well-known in the global automotive industry, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Goa, India, to get a greater access to the growing customer base in the booming Indian market. The new plant located at in Verna Industrial Estate was inaugurated in December.

      In the new facility with 2600 square meters, Bosch will produce and assemble packaging technology equipment for the food processing, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. For the food sector, technologies will be offered for candy wrapping, solid food and biscuit packaging.

      Bosch Packaging said that it has sold already over 400 packaging machines and process equipment in India to leading names in the pharmaceutical, confectionery and food processing industries and exported an additional 75 machines mainly to the food industry.

      The Goa facility employs 80 associates and has an initial installed capacity of 120 machines a year with plans to increase this to 240 machines in three years.

      "The Bosch brand is synonymous with quality, technology and innovation which are reflected in the tailor-made solutions that we offer our customers across the globe. Our machines are today a preferred choice for large businesses worldwide," says Friedbert Klefenz, President of Bosch Packaging Technology.

       The Indian market for packaging machines would grow at about 15% per year, Thomas Bühler, Indian Operations of Bosch Packaging, said to media.

      Bosch is one of the leaders in the global packaging industry. The sophisticated candy wrapping machine was presented for the first time in India at a trade fair in 2004 and draw the attention of the visitors when running with full speed.

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