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Brau Beviale opened in Nürnberg
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Date of posting: 11-11-10
      Brau Beviale 2010, the world’s most important exhibition for beverage and brewing technology in 2010, has opened its gates in Nürnberg, Germany, with 1,346 exhibitors which present a comprehensive spectrum of products: beverage raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing.

      The exhibitors come from 48 countries, headed by companies from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Belgium. The event focuses on the whole technology spectrum with machinery and installations for production, filling and packing of beverages, operating and laboratory equipment, and energy systems. About half the exhibitors can be assigned to this segment. Raw materials for beverage production are another key segment of BrauBeviale. The exhibitors here are the internationally operating hop traders and the manufacturers of raw materials and essences for soft drinks.

      A high degree of saturation particularly in the West European beverage markets encourages inventiveness: The marketing product segment offers a variety of new concepts and marketing ideas for advertising and sales promotion, and leading European truck manufacturers present tailor-made solutions for beverage transportation and distribution in the logistics segment.

      A good 34,000 visitors with money to invest are expected again at the popular exhibition mix of professional presentation and personal contact, the organiser says. The exhibition is mainly interesting for visitors from breweries and malting houses, specialists from soft drink producers (waters, carbonated drinks, juices) and experts from dairies or winegrowers. 75% of the Brau Beviale exhibitors had visitors from breweries in 2008, according to the results of a survey by an independent institute. 43% (multiple answers) were pleased about the interest shown by carbonated drink producers, followed by mineral water fillers (41%) and fruit juice producers (38%). A good one in five visitors in 2008 travelled from abroad, especially from Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Italy and the markets of Central Eastern and Eastern Europe. The fair is open until 12. November.

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