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Chocolate trends at ISM
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Date of posting: 01-02-11
      ISM is on at Cologne, where innovations, new products, creative sales concepts of the confectionery industry are presented. The International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM) from 30th January to 2nd February 2011 shows the new trends - for example, new flavours, ways of addressing especially sensitive groups of consumers, labelling by origin and climate-friendly products - which are a bit as diverse as the confectionery product segment itself.

      A big topic amongh the 1,494 exhibitors from 64 countries is chocolate. For many, chocolate is the epitome of culinary pleasure and luxury - and holds specially great potential for creativity. A large number of exciting combinations of unusual ingredients and unusual taste sensations have been shown, like "sweet olives in white chocolate", for example. Or the combinations of sauerkraut and chocolate and hay with chocolate. The trend for a single origin chocolates - chocolate with a designated origin like with wines, FII has identified that trend earlier- is holding up.

      Filled chocolates are undergoing a renaissance, especially in combinations with fruits, nuts or almonds. One manufacturer is targeting the "coffee-shop generation" with coffee-themed praline creations. One Swiss producer is even presenting a CO2 neutral chocolate. For the curious connoisseur, a producer is bringing to Cologne a cheese containing pieces of chocolate that promises a very special taste sensation.

      Exclusivity of origin is also sought-after in other segments. For example, in the snacks segment, natural and gently processed groundnuts from South America's rain forests, produced in cooperation with Bolivian farmers, offer an especial delight.


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