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Convenience food: Shrimps burger launched by Ristic
By M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 19-10-07
      German Ristic AG, a supplier of shrimps and seafood, has launched a shrimps burger at anuga which targets the consumer who want an easy and fast to prepare seafood dish (on the photo is Karin Brüchle from sales department of Ristic).

       The pre-baked and deep frozen burger comes in two variants, one is with vegetables, the other in Mediterranean style. They can be baked in oil, or prepared in the oven. Four burgers will come in a one box for which the company has given a price recommendation of € 3.99 for the German market. The first retailer who will get the new product is the German retail chain Netto.

      Ristic is in the seafood business since 1961. Its products are processed king prawns, shrimps, lobster and fine fish. Shrimps have the biggest share with approximately 98%, as was told to by Michael Struffert, Member of the Board of Directors of the € 60 million company.

      35% of the processed seafood is exported to countries like Russia and Dubai. Currently, the company wants to expand its business in France and Spain and is therefore searching distributors in these countries.

      The shrimps are imported mainly from South and Central America. Besides the main warm-water shrimp processing plant located in Germany, the company has a new plant and ecological aquaculture in Costa Rica which currently cannot export to Europe as the EU has banned shrimp imports from Costa Rica.

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