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Delicious Cheese from Greece
M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 12-12-07
      From an agricultural country like India, which is the biggest milk producer of the world, observers would expect that also a huge variety of cheese is produced. But besides paneer, which is even not a cheese for the European tongue, the supply is quite small. But if Dodoni succeeds with its marketing efforts, India might see soon a supply of delicious cheese from Greece.

      Dodoni S.A from Greece is the biggest producer of Feta (a special Greek brand of cheese made from pasteurized milk from goat and sheep) and the biggest producer of cheese from goat and sheep milk, Mrs. Roula Pappas, Export Manager, explained to She highlighted that only recently, the EU has regulated that the brand “Feta” may be used only for that type of cheese coming from Greece.

      The company offers a variety of cheese, like Kefalotyri and Graviera, which is similar to Gruyere, Pappas said. Graviera itself come in different varieties, one mainly from sheep milk, another variety exceptionally from cow milk, and a third variety in a lot fat form. The Kefalotyri, a traditional Greek cheese, goes well with wine and ouzo (a Greek spirit) and can be sprinkled on macaroni (Pappas was indeed very astonished to hear that some people are doing the same with Feta, sprinkling it in big pieces over meat sauce on spaghettis).

      The cheese products are available in retail stores and supermarket chains in 27 countries from UK to US, Australia and the Emirates, Pappas said. She and Marketing Director John Moulias had come now to India to give a last push to their earlier work when they had contracted already local importers and distributors. All that had happened after an earlier Greek delegation, during which distributors haven been met or first contacts made which were later intensified. The target of the company is to have their products soon displayed on Indian retail shelves.

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