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Gelato ice creams is a hit at AAHAR
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Date of posting: 15-03-08
      One of the star attractions at AAHAR 08 was the Tushar and Delta group stall exhibiting bakery and Gelato ice cream ingredients. The group imports the best quality ingredients for breads, ice creams, cakes and chocolates from different parts of the world to present the Indian consumer the best of international processed foods and ice creams.

      Gelato ice cream was the main attraction at the group’s display during the show. The term Gelato means ice cream in Italian, produced with the best natural ingredients, milk and sugar.

      Difference between ice cream and Gelato is the ice cream and air content ratio, Gelato having a ratio of 70:30 whereas ice cream having a ratio of 30:70 thus making Gelato more creamier, richer and tastier.

      The other difference is the type of ingredients used in bringing out the flavor of Gelato. Using only the natural flavors of the fruits and self planted and processed cocoa presenting Gelato with its flavor.

      The company is also planning to bring out the sugar free version of Gelato as done in their chocolate range by the use of multitol, a sugar substitute, though it is still under the development phase as told by the Chef Imtiyaz Khan, Technical Manager, Delta Group.

      The group has no plans to launch their products for retail and are mainly focusing on the industrial market.

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