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India to face milk shortage as demand rises
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Date of posting: 05-03-10
      Despite being the world’s largest producer of milk, India will face a milk shortage if the production cannot be increased to the level required.

      This is the message of Amrita Patel, ceo of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) when delivering a keynote address on the theme “Indian Dairying — Productivity and Food Safety” at the 38th Dairy Industry Conference (IDC) in Bangalore recently.

      “Demand for milk in the country is increasing at much faster rate than its production,” she said while stressing that the only answer to that would be increasing the productivity to meet the projected demand of 180 million tons of milk by 2021-22. To achieve that, the milk production in the country has to grow by five million tons annually — double than the present growth which is 2.5 million tons per annum only.

      “Even though milk production has increased steadily, demand for milk has increased at much faster pace due to number of reasons including rising GDP rate, increase in incomes of rural households, farm debt waiver, increase in salaries of government employees among others,” she said while noting that, “International agencies have already projected that India may have to import milk products in the years to come to meet our growing demand.”

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