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Indian banana variety patented
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Date of posting: 30-01-08
      An Indian banana variety, Nanjangud Bale has been patented under the Geographical Indication (GI) status granted to local communities to patent unique naturally occurring and processed foods, flowers and vegetables.

      This means the Nanjangud Bale will enjoy the same status as Scotch whisky in world markets should it be exported.

      The banana variety is grown in the sub-tropical region of south India in Karnataka state and is famous in the region for its flavour and taste.

      The Karnataka state Horticulture Department took the initiative to patent Nanjungud bale along with several varieties of flowers, local media reports quoted its director K. Ramappa as saying during the course of a workshop.

      India is not known as a banana exporter despite producing nearly 20% of the world’s banana production. Some initiatives have been taken to export Indian bananas but the exported quantity is minuscule.

      Though bananas are grown in almost all parts of India, their vary in size, taste, thickness of the peal from place to place. Those grown in south India such as the Nanjungud bale and a specific large size variety grown in Kerala state are among the more popular ones.

      However, lack of cold storage facilities mean they are not sold in different parts of India and hardly exported

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