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Indian mango, banana growers to get EurepGAP training
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Date of posting: 25-07-07
      To facilitate export of Indian fruit to Europe, Indian farmers in certain fruit growing pockets are to receive training in European Good Agricultural Practices (EurepGAP).

      The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) will coordinate the program to train farmers in Tamil Nadu on EurepGAP.

      To start with, farmers in Tiruchi district would be enrolled for producing mangoes and bananas for Europe and the US, FICCI Quality Forum Technical Director, Mr E. N. Sundar, was quoted in a business daily.

      The quality standards include growing fibre-free mango varieties and disease-free bananas.

      Besides fair utilization of water and use of approved fertilizers in prescribed quantities would also be covered.

      EurepGAP certified mango and banana would be eligible for sale in European supermarkets and vastly improve the export potential.

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