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Japanese company promotes fusion foods at AWOF
Delhi Bureau
Date of posting: 24-11-07
      One of the most interesting exhibits at Annaporna World of Food India in Mumbai was by Kaneriki Bussan Co., Ltd, Tokyo which is promoting the fusion of Indian and Japanese cuisine to create unique eating experience.

      According to Mr. Katsuichi Kawashima, President of Kaneriki Bussan, the popularity of Japanese foods in India was growing by leaps and bounds going the increase in Japanese business interests in India and vice versa.

      He said, “Japanese food material can help you to stay healthy and protect you from various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and others”. From tea to sauces, sea-food and others, Japanese food was similar to Indian food in many ways, he added.

      He said Indian cooking could be enriched by the addition to Japanese seasoning material to add new flavor and enrich the food with a unique taste. The market for Japanese seasoning ingredients would be huge once consumers were made aware of their unique properties.

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