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Large chicken from Argentina: Grupo Rasic
M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 10-12-07
      We all know how one can buy chicken in India. You can go to a meat shop, order your chicken, and then you can watch the process in which an alive chicken is transferred to the status of pieces and handed over in a black plastic box within a few minutes. The meat you get is very fresh and tastes well. Naturally, hygienic conditions can have great variability from shop to shop.

      Besides hygienic conditions, there is one aspect chicken eaters are often not so satisfied with: the sizes of chicken is mostly small, sometimes meagre, a piece of chicken is quickly finished after two or three bites. Here is where Grupo Rasic from Argentina comes into the picture. “We are world-wide exporting frozen chicken which has an average size of 1,5 kg and above”, Nadina Mozas explained at IFE. She had come all the long way from Buenos Aires in South America.

      Grupo Rasic is an agro-industrial company which has integrated all the value adding steps of the chicken business, from raising breeders in reproduction farms, operating of own broiler farms, and controlling further steps until final processing, packing and deep freezing. This strategy seems to be successful, as today, the company reports to sell more than 150 thousand tons of frozen chicken meat every year.

      The company had come to India for the first time to make contacts and to start marketing of its products, Nadina Mozas said. In other Asian markets like China and Vietnam, Grupo Rasic is already well established.

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