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Liquid Gold from Agrocreta Greece
M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 12-12-07
      The visitor to IFE had the chance to experience not only the red wine, which is a part of the famous “Mediterranean” cuisine, but also olive oil, which like wine is said to have positive effects on health. Instead of butter, people in Southern Europe have it with bread, or put it on salad.

      At IFE, Greek company Agrocreta from the island Creta was present to market its olive oil brand Ceres (Ceres is the Latin name of Demeter, the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture). For Spyros Catsoulis, Business development Manager of the Greek company, olive oil is a liquid gold, not only because of its health benefits, but also due to its sheer size of its world market.

      Catsoulis explained a bit the making of good olive oil. In countries like Greece, there are many small oil mills which are operated only during the 6 to 8 weeks of olive harvest. A load of olives which is brought would be processed immediately, the freshness of the olive goes directly to the oil. In some other countries around the Mediterranean Sea, there are only big oil mills, which stock fresh olives and process them, when their time slot is due. So meanwhile, waiting for that, microbiological processes might occur which effect freshness and taste of the residual olive oil.

      Like wine, he added, olive trees depend on their microclimate around them. The olives from the same variety of olive trees may taste different depending on the microclimate, even if the trees are located only a few hundred meters apart. Out of the 6 main varieties of olive trees, Agrocreta has started to blend the olives from two varieties, which seems to was successful, as in a recent blind taste contest in Belgium, the company won the “Superior Taste” award by chefs and sommeliers.

      Agrocreta which is exporting its olive oil already to Belgium, France and Germany, has come to IFE to expose its products to the Indian visitor and search for a distributor. “A distributor must really understand the product”, Catsoulis said.

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