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Low level of processing in fruits and vegetables - tremendous opportunities
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Date of posting: 14-01-10
      For a double growing country like India - growth of income and growth of population - food is always an issue, especially the level of processing of fruits & vegetables.

      The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has now informed that the level of processing for this type of food is estimated at only 2.20%, and has also provided various reasons for that. According to that, the major constraints the food processing industry is confronted with at various stages of handling after harvesting are fragmented and traditional farming, lack of adequate post-harvest infrastructure such as lack of cold chain facilities, transportation, proper storage facilities, lack of processable variety of raw material, lack of adequate inflow of investment in the sector etc.

      To overcome that situation, the Government is implementing various schemes for overcoming constraints in the development of the sector. These include creation and development of processing infrastructure, setting up/modernization/ upgradation of the food processing units, food safety and quality control, skill upgradation and capacity building, the Ministry says.

      For large private companies, be it Indian of foreign, the situation offers tremendous opportunities in India's food processing sector. Big companies, one of them is ITC, have set up whole agri-supply chains in the country already, where the company has a control of various steps in processing until final packaging. Many more opprtunities are availalable.

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