Business Opportunities in India
Naturitalia has started a kiwi business in India
Date of posting: 05-01-10
      Naturitalia, a leading Italian group in fresh fruit and vegetable products, has been in Delhi again during IFDE in December as part of the stall of the Italian Òpera Consortium. As in 2008, when (FII) reported the first time about this company, Mr. Augusto Renella, the Marketing R&D Manager of the company, was present to promote kiwi fruits.

      The fruits and vegetables productions of Naturitalia are located in Italy for which the group uses “integrated production techniques and organic farming techniques”.

      Speaking to FII, Renella informed about the start of the business in 2008 when he was for the first time in India – in Delhi and Mumbai events – under the umbrella of the Òpera Consortium.

      "Large retailers are almost absent in the Indian market, this situation makes it difficult to develop large volumes in supply of fresh fruits from Italy," Renella says. But he achieved the first success despite that situation. In 2009, Naturitalia has exported already a total of 60 tons of green flesh kiwifruit (label Naturitalia) and yellow flesh kiwifruit (label Jingold).

      He knows that the business in India so far is still “very small in relation to the country size”, but he works on and expects more business in the future. "We are in contact with the some importers to evaluate the possibility to develop marketing activities to the Indian consumers of fresh kiwifruit on 2010”, Renella explains. His future outlook to the Indian market is very positive. "We see a good potential in this market for the future. In a country where 30 million people a year are added to middle or high income groups, there are business opportunities!"

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