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New Zealand - world master in ice cream consumption
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Date of posting: 21-07-10
      Germany is experiencing a hot summer this year, which is the reason that ice cream manufacturers are working at full capacity. Consumption per head was 6.1 litres of ice cream in Germany in 2009. It has to be seen, says the German sweets industry, if the top value of 8.7 liters in the year 2003 can be reached again in 2010.

      According to a statistic published by the association, world leader in ice-cream consumption in 2009 was New Zealand with 28.4 liters per head, followed by the United States with 26.4 liters. The third rank goes - with clear distance - at Australia (18 liters). On rank 8 with 6.2 liters stands Italy, folowed by Germany on 9 with 6.1.

      India is - not yet - mentioned on the list. The Asian countries covered are Singapore (2.4 liters), Thailand (1.5) and China (1 liter).

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