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New liquor licence regime in Delhi - wine can be sold in malls
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Date of posting: 16-07-10
      In a recent move, the Lieutenant Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi has issued some new rules to amend the Delhi Liquor Licence Rules, 1976, mentioning “since it is considered that they should be brought into force”.

      According to that, “Retail vend of foreign liquor and Imported foreign liquor on Shopping Malls in Public as well as Private Sector“ is now possible. For that purpose, a new license called L-56 has been created. The licence fee for that is fixed at Rs. 600.000 (approx. 10,000.- Euros).

      In the same notification, terms for the L-53 licence which is necessary to sell beer and wine in department stores were modified, like the area size and the criteria for being defined as a department store. Media reported that whereas 115 outlets were selling beer under the L-53 licence, it was found by Finance minister A K Walia that a majority of these stores did not fulfill the basic rule of being a department store and were only stocking liquor.

      The notification now provides a definition for a departmental store. According to that, a departmental store should be of at least 500 Sq. ft. carpet area and should sell at least six product categories out of the following categories list: (i) Grocery items, (ii) vegetables (iii) Frozen foods, (iv) Sugary & Bakery items, (v) Toiletries, (vi) Cosmetics, (vii) House hold goods (viii) Toys, (ix) Sports items, (x) Electronic appliances, (xi) Apparels, (xii) Office – Stationery, (xiii) any other goods. The earlier regulation vaguely stated that the store needed to sell more than one category of goods to get a licence.

      The new rules also state that the applicant should have a minimum gross turnover of Rs 1.5 million per year. The licence fee itself has also been increased from Rs 50,000 earlier to Rs 2 lakh per year. A new speciality if the L-53F licence which has to be obtained for selling imported beer and wine. For that, the applicant must pay an additional 10%, which is Rs. 20,000.

      Retail or supermarket chains having an annual turnover of more than Rs. 50 million in Delhi must get a separate licence for every outlet.

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