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Reliance Fresh aims big at non-vegetarian food
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Date of posting: 28-02-08
      To cater to the growing appetite for meat among Indians, Reliance Fresh is planning separate non-vegetarian section within its Reliance Fresh stores. The non-veg food is most likely to be sold from its “Delight” brand of stores selling premium grocery.

      Company executive have been quoted in a South India based business daily that the stores would have separate sections for veg and non-veg foods with dedicated staff to handle both kinds of foods. “We are aware of the sensitivity of consumers and will take measures to ensure that both food types are kept apart”, the executive was said, perhaps referring to the strict vegetarian habits of many Indian consumers.

      There are 15 Delight stores in Chennai and Delhi and the plan is to have 50 stores in major cities by the middle of 2008. Apart from non-vegetarian ready-to-cook items such as chicken, salami, sausages, ham, kebabs and others, the Delight stores would also sell Reliance branded butter and Ghee.

      The company has invested an unspecified amount in providing cold-chain support to reach non-vegetarian food items from the butcher or meat-processing plants to the Delight stores and keep it consumer-ready.

      Non-vegetarian food consumption is rapidly growing in India where a significant part of the population is vegetarian. In fact, the changing eating habits of urban Indians has taken nutritionists by surprise. Fast foods which are largely chicken based are doing roaring business in India.

      An offshoot of the rising meat consumption is that prices of lamb and chicken have risen 15%-20% in the past few months.

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