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Save money with drinks dispensing systems
M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 13-12-07
      BHS Datensysteme, a company with a name sounding like an IT company, has indeed taken the help of software to create several interesting products for the hospitality sector, where drinks and beverages are served.

      “We produce tailored beverage dispensing solutions for discotheques and restaurants”, Michael C. Breckner of the company said. “With our systems, drinks will make its way from the container to the tables of the guests much faster. The output is always in the correct portion, and it is controlled”, he added.

      When a discotheque has a BHS dispensing system installed, then the system fills a drink into a glass only according to the order by the respective waiter. The orders are made from an order terminal based on codes. The system then itself mixes the drink in one go, for example a Whiskey-Cola. What has not been ordered by a waiter with a code - and that is what is paid by the guest - cannot be taken out. Manual labour is saved, also storage room. The daily accounting task among dispensers and waiters is facilitated. Breckner mentioned cost savings of 10% in average, which can sometimes be even much higher. As an example of a huge system installed he mentioned the Red Bull stadium in Salzburg.

      Another product the company displayed were Grapos postmix syrups and dispensers. The main ingredient of every drink is water, as we all know. Grapos mixes drinks on the spot by adding water to various syrups which come in bag-in-bag boxes or stainless-steel containers. A 20 kg container can be equal to 20 crates containing 0,2 l bottles. A restaurant using that system saves a lot of store room, manual handling and does not have to take care about bottles. The two Grapos systems on display were sold quickly, Breckner said. “We could have sold 10, so many inquiries we got,” he added.

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