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Turn-round for the Beverage Technology Sector
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Date of posting: 13-11-10
      The manufacturers of food processing and packaging machinery, which also include beverage technology producers, have achieved the turn-round this year. This was one of the important news of Brau Beviale this year. The orders received by the export-orientated industry have started improving again since autumn 2009. As these are mainly larger investments with a long lead time, these orders will not be reflected in the production value until later.

      The production value of food processing and packaging machinery rose by almost 2% to 4.35 billion EUR in the first half of 2010. German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (a sub-association within VDMA) expects a 4% rise in production value for 2010 and forecasts 6% for 2011.

      The worldwide financial and economic crisis was the reason that the production value in the sector with its about 600 companies and 58,000 employees shrinked to 9.230 billion Euro in 2009, after 11.088 billion in 2008. Food processing machinery and packaging machinery got off comparatively lightly with this drop of just under 17%, whereas the whole German machinery construction sector lost approximately a quarter of its production value.

      For the beverage technology subsector, which covers machinery for beverage production and beverage packaging, the VDMA association estimates that the production value will increase by a single-digit percentage in 2010 and 2011. The steep growth curve of German beverage technology – still the undisputed number 1 in the world market – was interrupted abruptly in 2009 and the production volume tumbled to 1.69 billion Euro (2.57 in 2008).

      Growth in world population is one of the drivers in demand for beverage technology. The largest growth markets are Asia and Latin America and the countries of Eastern Europe. Beverage technology experts lay great importance to continuously reducing the complexity of the machinery and plants to ensure the greatest possible flexibility, says Nürnbergmesse, the organiser of the fair. Energy and environmental issues also play an increasingly bigger role.

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