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Coca-Cola discovers fresh juice
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Date of posting: 15-04-09
      Coca-Cola, for health activists the world’s leading producer of caffeinated sugar water, has achieved a success in entering the field of healthy drinks by acquiring a stake in Innocent.

      London based Innocent is the European market leader for fresh fruit juices, so called smoothies. Innocent has sold now a minority stake of between 10% and 20% for £30 million to Coca-Cola in order to raise funds so it can expand into Europe. Adam Balon, one of the three founders of Innocent said that the move allows Innocent to “produce more natural, healthy products for more people”.

      For Coca-Cola, the acquisition of a minority stake in Innocent is a small success as the company is trying since some time to enter the health drinks market. Recently, the takeover of the largest Chinese fruit juice producer failed due to cartel authorities.

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