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Coconut drink from Gujarat
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Date of posting: 05-05-08
      At Food & Technology Expo, most exhibitors in the processed food section have come under the various umbrellas of state horticultural and other government boards. One of such boards is the Indian Coconut Development Board, which brought a handful of coconut processing companies to the fair. One of these is Fortune Beverages from Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

      The company is producing various juices and drinks - among them an energy drink which was launched two years ago. One of the main products on display at the fair was “coco Zing”, a coconut drink made of 100% pure coconut water, as Bhargav Patel, Executive of the company, assured (on the photo left; right is M. Bilal from Active Drinks, the company's distributor in Delhi). The drink, as mentioned also on the label, contains “no chemical preservatives, no cholesterol, no added flavours”. A personal test confirmed a good taste.

      The drink comes in a 200 ml aseptic pack, which is a probably far more hygienic than the traditional roadside consumption from fresh head-cut coconuts. That coco-drink is exported already to UK, Dubai and the US. “We have plans to enter further export markets overseas,” Patel says.

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