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Xtazy, another energy drink for the Indian market
M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 12-12-08
      The Indian market for energy drinks was estimated recently to have a size of Rs 500 crore, about 90 million Euros. The market which is so far dominated by Red Bull, is attracting various new players which want to get a share in a growing business.

      One of the aspirants is Xtazy, an energy drink from the US. “Xtazy is the forth largest energy drink inthe US”, says Rohan Malhotra, Managing Director of R. M. Indian Liquor Pvt. Ltd., the exclusive importer for Xtazy. Malhotra has launched Xtazy already in Eastern India, and was looking now for a distributor in the Delhi area, when FII spoke to him during IFE fair in Delhi recently.

      In order to take on Red Bull and get a share of 20% from their business, Malhotra wants to offer better conditions to distributors. “We provide a margin of 6-8% to a distributor, who thus can earn about Rs 6 a can”, Malhotra says. “ This is more than what Red Bull offers which is only about 2 – 3 Rs per can.” Xtazy is available in cans of 350 ml, thus more than the usual 250 ml of other energy drinks, and will be priced with a MRP of Rs 85. Four variants are offered, Cranberry Blast, Sugar Free Passion Fruit-Pineapple, Orange Blast and Lime Blast.

      Malhotra has planned several marketing measures to promote Xtazy, like PoS actions, coupons and direct marketing in a first round, and night parties in a second round. In marketing communication, he is highlighting not only the variants, but also health effects as the USPs of Xtazy, which are derived from ancient herbs used in the drink like gingko and guarana. The extract of gingko biloba leaf has been shown to dilate blood vessels and has the ability to increase peripheral blood circulation, especially to the brain, the company writes in a leaflet. Guarana from Brasil would serve to promote weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate and reducing the appetite.

      Besides the US, Malhotra says, Xtazy would be marketed also in Israel, Ukraine and in Turkey and would soon be launched in China.

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